The Story


This is the story of how we began! Photomaton was born in August of 2009.  Ann was planning an art show with two friends and needed a new project to display.  Having recently moved back from Los Angeles, she wanted to do something very "St. Louis" for the show.  She decided to take pictures of her friend H. Lindsy Doe dressed as the one and only, STL born,  Josephine Baker.  The idea was to show "Josephine" in her dressing room with the St. Louis cityscape as the stage.  These are a few of the pictures from that shoot taken on the rooftop of the Art Lofts downtown.  This set was displayed next to the photos at the gallery show and available for people to take their very own photos.  It was so much fun that it lead to the birth of Photomaton as an impeccable and fun photo booth service!


The type of work that we do at Photomaton is not new! These interactive photographic sets have been around since the turn of the century. People have been making fake airplanes, blimps, boats, moons, animals to take photos for a long time. These totally tickle us, and we love to play off of these old vintage photographs and photographic sets, primarily the classic "Paper Moon".


"Paper Moon" or "Man on the Moon" photographs were said to have originated sometime in the late 1800's. They didn't boom in popularity until around 1900, peaking in popularity until around 1910s and 1920s. Foound at arcades, carnivals and county fairs, they represented a real departure from formal studio portraits. Many of the people posing on Paper Moon sets can be seen having a good time--smiling, sometimes cavorting for the camera-- something that was almost never done in studio portraits of the day.

Glen and Mary Jo 3

If you ever EVER want a vintage scene recreated,  (like the paper moon above) nothing would make us happier! We had the pleasure of making the those two love-bird's dreams come true just this past year. If you haven't read the story yet, check it out! These are an amazing complement to any event, feeling classy and vintage!